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About Us

About Us

Amplifying the potential of creators

We support the growth of creators and the creation of monetization opportunities by harnessing the power of people and technology.

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Our Services for Businesses

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Providing optimal solutions for leveraging influencersbased on our proprietary database

We can make recommendations and tap on a wide range of creators regardless if they are affiliated with an agency. We also implement one-stop promotion strategies that have been optimized based on our proprietary database in response to your issues and objectives.

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    YouTube/Social media tie-ups

    We offer integrated support for creative production, influencer casting, and video ad management.

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    Influencer casting

    We can tap on a wide range of influencers for optimal casting, including creators who are affiliated with our agency, our partner agencies, as well as freelance creators.

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    Video creative production

    We provide highly precise direction and superior QA through our creative team and technology under the BitStar system.

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    Research and data analysis

    In addition to conducting quantitative analysis of viewer demographics and other kinds of numerical data, we also provide reports containing in-depth influencer insights and qualitative information.

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