Our Concept

A tech company that accelerates people's inherent qualities through the power of content

BitStar brings a whole portfolio that consists of a production system and content studio, as well as advertising solutions to monetize those, leveraging technology and systems to maximize the power of these parts and bring value to creators, fans, and clients.

Our Value

01. A winning hand

From analog to digital, offline to online, we bring to the table our production, content studio, and advertising solutions, the technology backing them up, and a talented team of members with wide expertise, allowing us to bring back value to all manner of creators, fans, and clients.

02. Creator-first

Drawing on our deep knowledge and understanding of the environment in which creators work, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and achievements and turned these into repeatable systems. We always emphasize a creator-first approach, bringing the optimal solution to the problem.

03. The ultimate content

Not only do we invest in the content itself, but we are unstinting in our investments into the talent, equipment, and other factors making up that content. All of our members constantly engage with the project with a focus on what will produce the best content, giving you the best output.

Our Service

Creator support business

BitStar Agent

BitStar Agent is a next-generation creator agency that supports creators (regardless of their affiliation) in taking on new challenges and business opportunities, and provides companies with comprehensive solutions and selection of creators, as well as implements promotions optimized through a proprietary database tailored to specific issues and outcomes.

BitStar D2C

BitStar D2C is a service that supports influencers in creating their own original brands. We support influencers and help them realize their worldview and improve profitability, with our dedicated team accompanying them on the journey and providing comprehensive support from product planning on through to manufacturing and sales.

BitStar Production

BitStar is a production team that enables creators to do what they really want to do, fully supporting them on their way to becoming stars. Not only do we support growth on social media, but we also help with acquiring a wide range of corporate tie-ins, mass media exposure, events, product sales, production of music, and handling other procedures (compliance, tax returns, accounting, rental agreements, etc.). By providing new opportunities and venues for influencers to excel, we maximize their potential.

Influencer Database:IPR

We operate Influencer Power Ranking (IPR), Japan's largest influencer database. We optimize your planning and casting by analyzing big data on the characteristics and follower attributes of social media influencers, and also visualize market data and markets where tie-in projects are possible.

BitStar Match

We operate the SaaS platform "BitStar Match" that smartly streamlines time-consuming influencer marketing. We organize various data related to influencers and PR postings, eliminating factors that cause confusion. With user-friendly search and list management functions for selecting and comparing potential partners, we make influencer marketing practices that tend to become complicated more efficient.

Content Support Business

BitStar Studio

BitStar Studio is a content studio that produces and manages videos for corporate SNS accounts.We enhance branding, awareness, and profitability by building high engagement with your clients through content.