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We operate in the social media marketing and D2C domains based on our database of 1.6 million accounts and technology. We provide multifaceted services to creators, clients, and consumers.

Synergies can be leveraged to contribute high value.

Synergies among the businesses enable high value contributions that other companies cannot make.

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Our Service

  • BitStar Agent

    BitStar Agent

    BitStar Agent provides "one-stop" services from influencer selection and negotiation planning to implementation and verification according to the product and issue, and provides full support.
  • BitStar Match

    BitStar Match

    BitStar Match is an online service for influencer tie-ups that offers casting consultations with influencers who match your brand.
  • BitStar Database

    BitStar Database

    BitStar Database provides unique data on influencers' follower attributes, ratings, etc. through AI and big data analysis. It supports influencer marketing with easy-to-understand data, from analysis and consideration of PR measures to casting.
  • BitStar Studio

    BitStar Studio

    BitStar Studio provides comprehensive support for corporate SNS utilization and video marketing based on its industry-leading track record of supporting numerous clients.
  • BitStar Production

    BitStar Production

    BitStar is a production company that supports creators on their way to becoming stars by helping them to realize their dreams, not only by supporting their SNS growth, but also by helping them to obtain corporate projects, mass media exposure, and events. We provide opportunities for further success and maximize the potential of our creators.
  • OOO Entertainment

    OOO Entertainment

    OOO Entertainment is a label that supports the realization of dreams that cannot be achieved by individual creators by nurturing and managing "O "nly = unique human resources, whether they are "O "ff-line or "O "n-line.
  • BitStar D2C

    BitStar D2C

    BitStar D2C is a service that supports the creation of original influencer brands. In order to realize your world view/increase profitability, a dedicated team will accompany you and provide one-stop support from product planning to manufacturing and sales.